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FAQs about the Kid Talk Curriculum

Is this a faith based curriculum?

For over twenty years it was not.  Now it is.  I used this curriculum in the community and in public schools until I retired. Then, with a great team, I began offering "Kid Talk" to children at my church.  I expanded the curriculum to include scripture and Biblical teaching.  I think of it as "the full meal deal."  The layout of the written curriculum makes it easy to omit the Biblical component. For reference look up Kid Talk on the Amazon page. Remember that each lesson also includes a Leader's Guide which gives detailed instructions, a Supply List, a Session Log and needed supplemental materials.

Do I need to be a professionally trained teacher or counselor?

This depends on the context of where you will meet with the kids.  In the schools, you need to meet the school district standards and probably work with a school counselor.  In a church setting for the safety of the children, we all need to be "overseen" by staff within the church organization. NOTE: After July 7th I am willing to do online training until we end social isolation.  This could be really fun! The number one requirement for doing this work is to love children and have the skills to be a caring presence with them. The rest you can learn!

Can I facilitate a Kid Talk group by myself?

No, not recommended, not even with a small group.  Besides safety and liability issues, two facilitators are ever so much better than one.  It is almost impossible for one person to focus in and "read" every child at the table, even if there are only three.  Two different adult personalities are more likely to resonate with all of the children present.  The adult/child relationships in Kid Talk build trust and invite expression of feelings.  This is pivotal to the purpose of the group.  Pray in a wonderful co-facilitator.  I did! 

For what ages of children is this material appropriate?

Ideally, the children are beginning to read.  A caring helper can read and act as "secretary" to complete Our Story pages. Ages 6 to 12 are about right.  Many of the curriculum activities are ageless and have been used with teens and adults.  (For example, the Grief Bundle, the Feelings Vase and Acrostics.) It all depends on how the exercise is presented and the language used.  The curriculum and activities are wonderfully adaptable to the people you are serving and the context in which you are working.

Are the curriculum and Our Story Memory Book appropriate for one-on-one work with a child?

Yes, absolutely.  A caring family member, friend or professional counselor can easily introduce the activities and accompany a child through the grief journey with the Our Story memory book and curriculum activities.   Have more questions then contact form.

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